Lutheran Parish of Northern Dutchess

Memorial - Rock City

Sunday Service at 8:30 AM

St. Paul's Lutheran Church
Third Lutheran Church

Call Sunday - A HUGE SUCCESS - Stay tuned

Upcoming Events

Christian Education (Details)

   Sundays, 10AM at St. Paul's Lutheran Church

   Mondays, 4PM at Memorial Lutheran Church

Upcoming Bible Study

   Thursday - 10AM at Third Lutheran Church

   Thursday - 6:30-8PM at St. Paul's Lutheran Church

Men's Breakfast
   Saturdays - 8AM at Memorial Lutheran Church

James Miller Ordination
   Saturday, May 20th - 10:30AM at Third Lutheran

Confirmation Sunday - Joint Pentecost Service
   Sunday, June 4th - 10AM at St. Paul's

   No service at Memorial or Third

Chicken BBQ Lunch
   Sunday, June 11th - 12:15PM at Third Lutheran

   See Koinonia for details.

Who We Are
The Lutheran Parish of Northern Dutchess is a three-point parish formed in November of 2009. The parish is comprised of three Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) congregations:

Memorial Lutheran Church

St. Paul's - Red Hook

Sunday Service at 11:00 AM

Contact Lutheran Parish of Northern Dutchess

Phone: (845) 876 - 4471
Office Hours
: Wed/Th 10AM - 3PM
Office Location
: 31 Livingston St., Rhinebeck, NY

United by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we are three congregations who together promote abundant life for all people through the collective use of our time, talents and treasures.

Baskets of Promise

Great News: Over 70 Baskets Assembled. THANK YOU!

Third - Rhinebeck

Sunday Service at 9:45 AM