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St. Paul's is seeking donations to our window project and you can donate in many ways. The first way is through a gofundme page. Any amount is appreciated! Click the link below to take you directly to the page.

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St. Paul's is also welcoming Sponsorship Opportunities. This will allow you to give a donation to a specific window and be permanently recognized in the sanctuary with a commemorative plaque. If you visit our church (and we pray you do), you can see similar plaques from previous fundraising activities. This is an opportunity to contribute to not only a National Historic Landmark, but also a key community mainstay.

St. Paul’s has been a major center point of the village of Red Hook since 1890 and has the distinction of being one of the oldest Lutheran churches in the country.  It is one of several Lutheran churches in the area that trace their roots to Palatine German emigrants in the early 18th century.  Its late 19th-century brick building is a sophisticated application of the Romanesque Revival architectural style by a New York City architect.  In 1998 the entire complex was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

There are 25 beautiful stained-glass windows which are of rolled cathedral and opalescent glass, with jewels arranged in patterns. The three large windows above the alter are hand-painted.  The most prominent window is a large, detailed Rose Window with quatrefoil tracery.  The Rose Window is eleven feet in diameter and is made in a pattern to represent a sunburst.  Pastor Jim Miller says, “I see this sunburst pattern as a representation of the creation of the world when God said, ‘Let there be light’, and there was light.”  It is believed that the Rose Window came to Red Hook from Albany by barge.  Below the Rose Window are three small stained-glass windows with sandstone voussoirs. 

Over the years, the stained-glass windows have deteriorated from exposure to the elements.  They were covered on the outside with thermoplastic to protect them, but it has discolored over the years and their beauty is not visible from the outside.  Restoration of the windows will let light shine through the beautiful windows again.

St. Paul’s Church Let There Be Light fundraising campaign, which will also include applications to funding organizations for grants and matching gifts, will initially fund the restoration of the windows on the West and South sides of the church, which includes the Rose Window and the three arch windows below it.  The remaining windows will be restored as funds are raised.

Lutheran Parish of Northern Dutchess